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6-3-14 — Wildflower Photo-shoot

I decided to get some great pictures of the kids playing in the wildflowers the other week, and here they are!


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4/5/2014 – Pictures of Lori’s litter

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These are all sold, but if you’d like to be added to the wait list, please let me know.

2/24/14 Winter photos

I was doing a small winter photo-shoot with a few of the kids in the fresh snow.

Check out a sampling of the kids enjoying the new powder. 🙂


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2/23/14 – Lori’s litter is here!

Lori finally whelped yesterday! 3 boys and 1 girl. All look great!

So here’s some good pictures of the 4 pups. They’re so soft! That always amazes me. 🙂

The girl is the one with the most white and then the little black spot on top of her head in the middle of the white stripe.

These ones will all go to people on the wait list, but if anyone wants to be added to my list, just let me know.


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11-19-13 Puppies playing outside

Here’s a quick video of Clara’s puppies playing outside.


8/18/13 – Pictures from Lori’s litter

Although they’re all sold, here’s some great picture from Lori’s litter.


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If you’d like to be added to my wait list, please contact me through the contact form.

7/17/13 Lori’s Litter Born

Lori’s litter is here!

Late Sunday night/Monday morning, Lori’s litter was born. She had 5 pups, 3 boys and 2 girls.

And all are doing great!


5/22/13 Litter Updates

Clara’s current litter is coming up on 8-weeks-old this weekend. They are all headed to lovely new homes, but I am expecting another litter from Lori this summer. I have a waiting list going for future litters,  but if you’d like to be added to the wait list, please get in touch with me through my contact form on the site to get on the list. Be sure to let me know if you prefer a male or female as well.




Diamond K Corgis

4/9/2013 Clara’s Litter Born

Clara’s litter is here. They were born on March 30th, the day before Easter. 3 boys and 3 girls. All doing really well.

They’ve all been chosen by people on our wait list, but if you’d like to have your name added to the wait list, just send an email to cowgirlheeler@gmail.com to get your name added to the wait list for future litters.

Clara and litterClara and litter

Clara and litter Clara and litter Clara and litter Clara and litter Clara and litter


11/20/12 Lori’s litter is here!

Lori’s litter is here. They were born on Thursday, and have already had their tails and dewclaws clipped.

She had three boys, and some real cuties. One boy in particular is going to be a real looker.

Be sure to check out the pictures!



And just a reminder, I do still have one boy from Clara’s litter available if anyone is interested.


The boys are $400 and if you would like to reserve one today, just get in touch with me to arrange placing a $100 deposit.

Lori’s pups won’t be ready until mid-January, but they’d still make a wonderful Christmas present!


And of course the other pup is ready to go to a new home today!

Happy Thanksgiving!

11/13/2012 – Two boys still available

Two boys from Clara’s litter are still available. They’ll be ready for new homes this weekend, so be sure to check out their pictures! I didn’t have the best pictures of them in the last post, so here’s some better pictures taken with my good camera!

The first pup is a bit more playful and energetic, but the second is quieter and very affectionate. But they’re both cuties!


10/26/12 Two boys still left from Clara’s litter

Clara’s litter is 5 weeks old now, and there are sill two boys available for new homes!


Check them out and see if you’d like to bring them into your family!







9/20/12 Clara’s Litter Born

Clara’s new litter is finally here!



There’s 5 boys and 1 girl, and they all look healthy!





Clara seems very happy and content with her newest litter.





Just a reminder, puppies are chosen based on the order deposit checks come in, so if you are wanting the one female, she’ll go to the first person to speak up for her and send in a deposit.




Thanks so much!

Diamond K Corgis

The pups have all found new homes!

I’ve been late in posting this, but all the pups have found new homes.


I should be expecting more pups this fall, and will keep everyone updated when I have a better idea about when to expect fall puppies.



Just one girl left!

There’s just one girl left from Clara’s litter. She’s a real darling and a flashy looker. This little girl has a gorgeous full white collar and lots of white on her legs and belly. She was the flashiest looking from the two litters and a real smart little cookie too. And a cuddler!

This one will make someone a great addition to their home.


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3 Girls Still Available!

I’ve still got three girls that are looking for new homes. Check them out and see if you find one to fall in love with!


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Lori’s puppy should be ready to go around April 9th and Clara’s puppies should be ready to go around April 23rd.

Clara’s Litter Born

Clara’s litter has now been whelped. On Monday morning, she had 4 pups: 2 girls and 2 boys.



Lori’s 3 girls are also doing great. When they’re not sleeping, they’re starting to get up and try wrestling with each other. (Or falling into each other!)


Lori’s Litter Born

Lori finally had her first litter yesterday. Three healthy little girls!





New litters coming up

We are expecting litters this late winter/early spring from both Lori and Clara. Lori’s litter should be due around February 9th, and Clara’s litter should be due March 1st. Be sure to get your name on the list to reserve a puppy early!

Corgi Puppy for sale

Update and new pictures

All the puppies are now with their new families and in their new homes.



We’ve had our first snow of the season and it was a whopper. About 2 feet of snow but Lori is finally getting the hang of hopping up to see over the snow as she runs. Here’s some pictures of the kids enjoying the snow!




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Puppies are ready to go!

The litter is now ready to go and two of the puppies will soon be on their way to new homes. But two of the little boys are still looking for new home! Check them out!

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Puppies born

Our fall litter of puppies are finally here. We have 3 boys and 1 girl. They’re all healthy and very cute. And Clara is happy and doing well too.

Puppies are on their way

Clara is doing well and her tummy is filling out. I think she’s as glad as we are to have the air-conditioning on and working. Her litter is due to whelp somewhere around the 16th of September and we’ll try to keep you updated as things progress.