AKC Registered Pembroke Welsh Corgis for sale in South Dakota


Gus is one of the fairly rare black-headed tricolors. It is the most recessive color genetically, making them more highly sought after. He is an athletic and well-built Corgi with beautiful markings and a lot of deep black coloring to him.

He was born on March 1st, 2005, and was one of my main stud dog for litters. For a male, he’s a bit on the smaller size, and generally weighs in around 25 pounds or a little less. But even at almost 10 years old, he’s still trim and athletic, and can run and cover ground for hours. He thinks nothing of going for runs or hikes of 5 miles or more. And fetch is still the best game ever invented in his mind. Though herding cattle will always be one of his favorite “jobs.” But I don’t think he thinks it’s much of a hardship to have to work cattle!

Gus is an excellent cattle dog and has been working around cattle and horses since he was a puppy. He’s active and energetic, but also loves cuddling in your lap for hours after a long day.

Gus is also an experienced rider! He often rides along with me on whatever horse I’m on.

Gus as a puppy

Gus as a puppy on his shelf

Gus as a puppy sound asleep on his shelf


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