AKC Registered Pembroke Welsh Corgis for sale in South Dakota


Clara is a red-headed tricolor and has an easy-going temperament making her a wonderful mother. She has the classic tricolor look with lot of light tan coloring.

Born February 27, 2008, she is my experienced dam, and has been one fine momma dog. Her litters have been averaging in the 5-6 puppy range as she’s matured.

She tends to be on the smaller size for a female as well, weighing around 22 pounds normally. And while my stud, Gus, loves to be out in the lot with horses or cattle, Clara tends to prefer staying in the cleaner ground around the house. Recently, she’s been helping me move and herd the horses some in the evening, but she really appreciates when I only ask her to do that on days when it isn’t muddy! She’s definitely my feminine prima donna of the group! But at least she stays clean.

Staying clean or not, Clara is very energetic and loves playing with her puppies. She especially loves getting to show them off to any one who comes to visit.

She’s not much into playing fetch like the others, but if she can get a hold of the toy/stick/ball, she really likes playing her own game of keep-away.

Clara as a puppy


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